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October 2016

From the garden



Just picking the last of the tomatoes, squash and pumpkins. Loads of figs left to pick.Walnuts in abundance. A few autumn raspberries. Wild sloes and juniper, unfortunately not many wild mushrooms this year because of the lack of rain.
Beaumont Tuesday market is now down to about 5 stalls, Saturday down to 3, fruit and veg, flowers and fish. Issigeac (Sunday) still busy, Villereal(Saturday) still going very strong.Bergerac Wednesday has plenty of wild mushrooms, apples apples and more apples
​Nearly the end of the month and weather is still holding strong, 30th today 24 degrees wall to wall blue. Nights getting colder frosty mornings,lots of starry nights. Forecast suggests change is on the way 7th of November.

Recipe ideas



 Fig and ginger breakfast jam is now made, fig and chilli chutney ready for next year. Had the first pumkin,cumin and turmeric soup. Best new idea, Roast loin of pork on a bed of figs, layer of fresh figs, boned loin of pork, dusted with demerara suger and slow roasted. When cooked remove pork and wrap in foil, leave to relax. liquidize all figs and juices to make a delicous gravy, serve with fresh Autumn veg and garlic mash.
That time of year for canning and preserving so shops full of duck and pork. Foire de graisse (fete of fat). Duck legs for confit,manchons for cassoulet (duck wings) and duck fat to render down and preserve for those crispy roast potatoe's. Legs of pork cured to make hams and loins of pork cooked in goose or duck fat and tinned (enchaud) and lots of boned shoulders for making salami.
Pumpkin fête at Issigeac and Montferrand,  A brocante in Beaumont and wonderful vide grenier in St Avit (car boot). Two good buy's a chestnut roaster and a tiny copper bain marie, did also buy an electric chain saw sharpener but not that interesting.